Optical Shop

Our Opticians are available Monday through Friday to help our patients in need of glasses and other vision tools. Our staff will take the time to make sure your glasses fit properly and look great.

We have a wide variety of designer frames to suit any budget, including BEBE, Coach, Ray Ban, Fendi, Harley Davidson, Nine West, and Candies. If any adjustments are required, we’ll make them before you leave.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Foster specializes in contact lens examinations, and she’ll ensure that you get the right prescription and the right fit. Different brands of contact lenses are made from different materials, so we can help you choose the specific options that are right for your vision.

When your contact lens exam is complete, you’ll receive a paper copy of your prescription. We are happy to dispense your lenses, but you can get your prescription filled anywhere you like.

Eyeglass Frames & Lenses

The Perfect Fit

It’s amazing just how often people go through life with glasses that just aren’t quite right for them. Improper fit is one of the most common unaddressed problems in modern eye care. Many budget eye-care clinics fail to fit glasses properly to each individual.

Clear, Accurate Vision

We know that a slight adjustment can make a big difference. You can’t see properly if your glasses are fit using measurements that are too high or too low, or lenses that are off center.

Visit our Optical center to get new eyewear or to make sure your existing glasses are giving you the best possible vision. When you get your glasses from us, you can always come back for minor adjustments. We offer a quick, convenient emergency eyeglass repair service.

An Array of Options

Advances in technology have drastically improved the longevity and performance of eyeglasses. Whether you want thinner lenses, enhanced scratch resistance, or the best anti-glare coating, you can get exactly what you’re looking for from our optical shop.

You can get Fendi frames with lightweight lenses, colorful plastic frames with budget lenses, or glasses that are hypoallergenic. If you just need basic, functional glasses, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The Best Look

We’re proud of our optical shop because we know it provides our patients with the best eyewear available. But plenty of patients would argue that variety is the best thing about our glasses.

We proudly carry every major brand of fashionable, high-quality frames. Some of our most popular brands include:

  • Fendi
  • BEBE
  • Coach
  • Ray Ban
  • Harley Davidson
  • Nine West
  • Candies

Our licensed opticians will let you try on a variety of frames. They can also help you choose frames that complement your natural features.