Routine Eye Exams

Eye exams may be routine, but they’re not all created equal. What we call protecting your vision, other practices call “extra”.

Our goal is to provide real care for the health of your eyes. After all, you want them to last a lifetime. It’s important to us that your questions get answered, and that we take the time to prevent problems, not just react to them. We hope that you’ll leave your exam feeling informed and confident that you’re getting the best care for your eyes.

Exceptional Examinations

On your first visit to West Penn Eye Associates, you may be surprised at the comprehensiveness of your exam. It’s likely your previous doctors haven’t performed all the tests that we do. Don’t worry – we won’t do needless tests and charge you for them. We’re simply being thorough, the way all health care should be.

Proven Testing Techniques

Some of our patients have asked us why we don’t conduct exams using pictures of your eyes. The answer is simple. Your eyes themselves are the most accurate depiction in the world. Your eyes are organs, and we take very seriously our responsibility to keep them functioning properly. In many cases, taking a picture adds an unnecessary boundary between your doctor and your eyes.

We use proven examination techniques and decades of expertise to diagnose, treat, and correct vision problems and eye disease. Our doctors conduct eye exams the old-fashioned way – by focusing on your eyes and vision.